The Beach

We were on a beach. There were a lot of  people there. Also a fenced off area, with  grass and willow trees and a building  where psychiatric evaluations took place.  I was waiting my turn. For some reason,  all the basketballs – – at least 10 or 12 of  them, kept rolling into the water. We had  none left to play with. An old man, very  large and dirty, volunteered to get them – – no one else wanted to go near the water.  I sat on the sand. There were lizards and  snakes everywhere on the sand. I had to  be careful where I sat or stepped. I helped  the old man to roll up his pant legs, so  they wouldn’t get too wet. The first  basketball he picked up seemed to be  attached to an elephant’s ear. He pulled  on the ear, which was very elastic-y, until  the whole head of an elephant came out  of the sand. It was just the head though  and already dead. The old man threw it  to one side and waded over to the next  basketball. Everyone on the beach ;was  watching. This time a whole baby  elephant appeared. Like it was born from  the sand. He it set it down and wandered  up the shore. I touched its wrinkled, wet  trunk. It felt like play-doh.

from Prozac Girl  

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