Spazz (untitled)

“I dream of severing all ties,” Sonja warns in this plump book.  And, indeed, in this distinct collection of collages, text  fragments, poems, stories and drawings she seems to have  succeeded. Work this haunting is done in that solitary place  where nobody speaks, nobody listens and nothing is known.  Sonja evokes pills, escape, and an incredible unease with the  logic of the physical world. Turn a page. There’s a little mirror  that just catches the bulge of your chin. Beside it, a naked  doll. Above it, the line: “sometimes you worry about me.”  And then her own sardonic answer as you ponder the  perplexities of your complexion: “Yah, right.”

chapbook  main creator: Sonja Ahlers  $3  Box 8192, Victoria, BC, V8 W 3R8  

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