Head on the Table

This is the kind of stuff that makes reading litzines worthwhile.  I’ve read so many mediocre same-sounding poems lately that  I was on the verge of giving up hope. Then I picked up “Head  on the Table” and it was like fresh air after being in the garage  with the car running for a couple of weeks. It’s not really fair  to compare Goldstein’s poems to all those other ones. His  poems really exist in a dimension all their own. Almost every  line brings surprises: “What blue-eyed moonface/cunted out  a red burn hole/in my chest to wade in.” There’s a gloriously  violent juxtaposition of the ordinary and the profane. The  first poem in the book starts off: “he had this idea/of what  was a new life/he had to make so/he stopped using the fairy  brush/because he needed a knife/to cut through the colour.

chapbook  24 pages  Publisher: Pop Mo Press  Main Creator: Jonathan Goldstein  $?  5430 Casgrain Ave. , Montreal, PQ, H2T 1X2

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