Free Fixin’s

Hey it’s a new year, so you need a new hobby right? That’s  why I’m starting off with a little look at something fun,  irreverent and reminiscent of warmer days. Free Fixins is the  zine dedicated to garbage picking. Depending on how  dedicated you are, I’d recommend you get the zine, read it,  but wait until there’s a thaw to go wandering around finding  choice items in other people’s discards. My helpful seasonal  advice is the one thing not covered in this dumpster-diving  primer. Otherwise, there are all the rules, suggestions,  protocols and helpful anecdotes you will need to get you  thinking about the good time new hobby you will embark in  after the snow. Rule number 1: Have No Shame! or “there is  nothing wrong with picking stuff out of the trash”. But wait,  not only should you have no shame, but, as our handy primer  advises us, you don’t even have to wait until garbage day — so keep an eye out on your daily adventures. Other people’s  ephemera is the treasure you need to line your chest! There  are many other high-lights to this zine including step-by-step  instructions for converting old discarded televisions into fish  tanks, your guide to picking couches and, as if all of that wasn’t  great enough, an interview with Peggy Berger whose job it is  to take the empties out of returned cases at a brewery. The  things she finds every exciting day put the keen edge on our  own can’t-wait-for-Spring lust for other people’s junk!

zine  # 1  main creator: Linda  free  657 Dovercourt Rd., Toronto, ON, M6H 2W5 email:  [email protected]  

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