Cat Nap

A young woman quits her job to write. She ends up wasting  most of her days, and spending her nights in the same bars  with the same small group of friends staring at the same bunch  of scenesters. Such is the stuff of this articulate comic. But the  thing is, Jon knows how to tell a story. And he knows how to  draw. And he knows malaise, oh yes, does he ever know how  to give us that unique swirl of ennui, apathy and depression  that equals malaise. But there’s a sweetness about the world  that Jon’s character recognizes; his stories – swirls of narrative,  insight and self-consciousness ~ always end with a promise  that his character seems to be making to herself.

comic, #2  main creator: Jon Dacey  $2  6305 Almon St., Halifax, NS B3L 1VI  

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