Fish Piss

An incredible compendium of  artists, writer s and the kind of  people who you wouldn’ t  condescend to label. First of all, the  writing: Golda Fried, I know you  are out there. Your poems are  dangerous , breathtaking  experiments — like fragments of  something we all dropped, but only  you can reconstruct. There’s also a  sick, wonderful story by some guy  named Jonathan Goldstein. It’s  called “I am Dick Clark, said Pops”  and says more in four hundred  words about the uniquely male  antics of pervers e lust than  anything I’ve ever read. As if that  wasn’t enough, check out the four  page spread which chronicles the  Montreal indie publishing/punk  scene since 1976. Fascinating  reading ~ no — essential reading for  anybody interested in the Canadian  underground. All that plus a boots- in-the-face work by Louis entitled  “Punk Band Reunion Show” . You  wanna know what punk’s all about?  Louis tells ya. And THE COMICS!  We’ve got Marc Bell and the twisted  Eric Braun, for starters. There are  body parts everywhere. This could  be the most visceral zine in Canada.  My new discovery is Fredricton,  NB’s Joe Hale. Dark, dank collage  comics that come from that special  floor in the brain most of us have  long since closed for renovations.  Put it all together, and Fish Piss tears  the roof of your skull. It’s like the  Reaisannc e of depravity, the  Enlightenment of perversity! Dare  I say it — the best minds, the most  addled bodies or our generation all  in one fucking zine for two lousy  stinking dollars!

zine  #2(7), tons of pages  main creators: lotsa people!  publisher: Spontaneous  Productions inc.  $2  Box 1232, Succ. Place d’Armes,  Montreal, QC, H2Y 3K2  

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