Chapter 11: The Diary of a Deadbeat

Cheery Ed gets restless and decides to leave Kelowna for a little pick-me-up in Sudbury. What is he thinking? Hi engaging, if somber, diary entries tell us in detail. That is they tell us everything except what he thought he would do in Sudbury. As it turns out, he doesn’t do much — he sees a lo of bad movies, files for bankruptcy, works in the kitchen of an Italian restaurant boldly named Pat and Mario’s and pretty much has a terrible time. Sample diary entry: “Went to Red Lobster for lunch. My first time there in about 7 years. I could barely eat anything. I feel sick.” Go Ed go! (Comes complete with inscrutable cartoons.)

zine, #1, 28 pages  main creator: Ed Brisson  $ 1 plus stamp  Box 29101, Okanagan Mission, Kelowna, BC, VI W 4A7

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