The Ninth Wave: a journal of nocturnal culture

Toronto’s very own alternative zine dedicated to Goth,  industrial and Bat-cave culture. The writing, layout and design  of this zine is, well, simply and strikingly, beautiful. Not a  boring piece in it. Issue #7 includes articles and interviews  on: 4AD label band Scheer, Venus Swirls, electronic/industrial  band Mentallo & The Fixer; report on a Goth gathering in  Chicago in June 1996, a piece on 19th century designer and  socialist, William Morris and lots of zine and record reviews.  Liisa’s intro to issue #7 sadly states that 9th wave will be on a  hiatus for awhile—so this is your time to order back issues  and savour more of 9th wave’s nocturnal culture.

chapbook  #7, 52 pages  main creator: Liisa, Deane, Sid  $5  80-689 Queen St. West , Toronto, Ontario, M6J 1E6  e-mail: [email protected]  

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