Vancouver Small Press Centre

According to Tom Synders, editor of  Vancouver I it-listings mag Verb and member of the obscure but virulent Small Press Action Network (SPAN),  the Canadian small press is about to get a shot in the arm, an inoculation  against the disease of the mainstream in the form of a new centre. “We’ve taken possession of a 1,600 square foot space in a warehouse off Commercial Drive,” announces Synders,/’We’re renovating to house printing and production facilities, a reading and resource library, and an office area for the distribution of small press material.” Al l that plus a darkroom! The centre was slated to open in February, and SPAN is holding an indie publishing fair June 14 and 15 in Vancouver. After making initial contact, BP wasn’t able to track down the busy Tom for further details. Try him at [email protected] or Verb, 825 Granville St., #203, Vancouver, BC, V6Z 1K9. Also check the Pencil Sharpener section of the BP website at -halpen/ for a future posting of details.

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