Zine Review + Excerpt: Mushroomsss


Art zine, Nattee, 8 pgs, @iamnattee, $3

I ran into Nattee at Zine Dream and picked up a few of their zines, attracted by the colourful washi tape binding and the playful linework. Mushroomsss is what you would expect it to be: studies of various fungi, from morels to button caps to ones that look particularly magical!

Amateur mycologists or people searching for new tattoo ideas (Nattee does tattoos, by the way!) alike will enjoy flipping through this little black and white illustration zines. Mushroomsss is yet another reminder about how zines are projects where an artist can find a theme, try things out, develop a style, and make something really nice! I also quite enjoyed Nattee’s plant zine, Homegrown, full of vines and cactii. (Jonathan Valelly)