Zine Review: Prince


Art zine, Jenn Steffey, 8 pgs, jennsteffey.com, [email protected]

Sources say that Prince, the late rock/pop/funk superstar, stood either 5’2” or 5’3”, depending on his haircut and posture. His height was arguably the only thing in his life in short supply and also a semi-grim harbinger of this pint-sized eponymous zine. It’s a zine about Prince, and as such, it features several drawings of Prince. Period. It folds into many parts, it’s colourful, and it even fits into a mid-sized pocket with room to spare. Inside, you’ll find some drawings of The Purple One from various points throughout his career. In some, he looks glum. In others, he’s shredding on the guitar.

Read excerpts here.

Artist and creator Jenn Steffey supports with her personal thoughts and memories of Prince, lifted from experience. The zine is short on content, but that’s okay, because it unfolds in a pretty cool way, feeling a bit like a simpler Chose Your Own Adventure novel, layered with the spoiler that the dude is already dead. That’s not to say this zine is morbid. It’s not at all. In fact, it’s full of life, colour, music and celebration. Steffey assigns time and place to certain tunes. On the whole, it’s a wee 2D greatest hits package that is somewhere between street art and the liner notes on a trade-only bootleg. (Cam Gordon)