Alternative Press Review

This is full of all the type of news and info that the government doesn’t want you to know! This magazine is well put together and very informative. It’s rather heavy reading, as there’s a lot of information disseminated and heavy topics are discussed. This issue included a special section on the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, along with a breakdown of all the flaws and shortcomings in NATO’s actions. This is the kind of stuff you should be reading along with the newspapers you get everyday. It’s all very well done, and there’s a lot of passion and effort going into the creation of this magazine. There’s also a large section where the editors review alternative books and zines. Read this when you are prepared to concentrate. (AK)

magazine, $5 US/ $6 Cdn, volume 4, number 1, Spring/ Summer 1999, 76 pages, POB 4710, Arlington, VT, VA22204, [email protected]

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