A pop culture blender courtesy of three twenty-sorta chicks from Halifax. Mostly contains snarky comments about TV shows they watch, music they play and trashy gossip mags they read. Far from deep, but a lotta fun. Like this quote from their review of a website called Stomp of Approval: “Honestly, I first found out about this site because there was a dis about Claptrap on it. So, I went to take a gander with my danders up, but totally fell in love with it. Besides, I can take criticism with the best of ’em. Really, I can. If you think I can’t then you can just fuck off.” There are also quick interviews with whatever musicians and celebrities are in town (including the Halifax statutory Sloan sit-down). Dig the Bruce Campbell interview, the first third of which is a series of one-line emails about when they can talk on the phone. Claptrap is like Sugar Puffs; absolutely no nutritional value, but sometimes you’ve just gotta have a bowl. (DW)


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