This is a very friendly, come-as-you-are sort of website, totally bereft of the sneering “Who’d listen to crap like that?” mentality you find at a lot of music sites run by people who write like they have a monopoly on tonal taste. No matter what you’ve got in your MP3 stash, somebody at HARDchord will be willing to listen to it with you. Unless it’s Christina Aguilera. Apparently she must die. But that’s about it. Everyone else is welcome. Need advice about music to enter data by? Try Cowboy Mouth, The Reverend Horton Heat, Beck and Propellerheads: “Pretend your menial photo captioning (‘First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt speaking to workers in Tennessee, early 1930s’) is actually secret work for UNCLE…” And for pure pathos, dig through the archives for the heartbreakingly honest account of one otherwise-respectable woman’s tragic descent into boy pop. Remember kids, just say no to NSync. (DW)


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