In Search of Sin

“Wanton hussies and vixens of the world, unite!” This is the battle cry of Joy and Dominique, hanging out in Vancouver, investigating a new aspect of sex culture each month. Sounds like nice work if you can get it. “Sometimes we’re playful, sometimes we’re downright evil, most of the time we’re not very nice. The point is, we’re enjoying ourselves,” says the backgrounder. Who can argue with that? Their most recent dispatch from the field details the duo’s field study of an annual all-female erotic show; all-female acts, all-female crowd. No dicks need apply. How was it? “Dominique and I were enthralled…the strip clubs we visited in San Francisco were nothing like this. There, the audience had been mainly subdued, attentive but not particularly blown away by what they were seeing. Here, the audience showed its appreciation by standing up, yelling, cheering, stomping their feet and clapping. The dancers were having the time of their life, grinning from ear to ear and flaunting their bodies in order to elicit a louder response from the crowd.” Past adventures include the above-mentioned foreign posting to San Francisco and an evening of undercover work cruising sports bars in Tart-with-a-capital-T disguise. But their researches never seem to carry over from hypothesis to experiment. If Joy and Dominique are getting any actual sex out of their adventures, they aren’t writing about it. And the search for sin goes on. (DW)

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