Monk Mink Pink Punk

Without much hype or fanfare, the oddly titled Monk Mink Pink Punk (doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, does it?) is one of the most vital and eclectic music zines going. The primary focus is on experimental music, and it introduces readers to material and artists which have never previously been available in the English press. Editor Josh Ronsen works hard introducing articles from French and Italian fanzines that he has painstakingly translated into English. So we get interviews with the genius likes of Giancarlo Toniutti and Eric Cordier, Eric La Casa & Olivier Charrier, both superbly informative and interesting. A piece on David Grubbs is actually a pair of different interviews bridged from two completely different fanzines. My favorite article was the interview with sound artist Bernhard G√ľnter and the engaging photo series of “Instruments for the Creation of Basic Materials, 1998” by Seth Nehil that accompanies it. With some uniformly solid record review coverage sitting like cherries on top, this is a labour of love that is already compulsory reading. (DF)

zine, Issue #5 Spring 1999, 36 pgs, $4, Josh Ronsen, PO Box 7896, Austin, Texas 78713 USA, [email protected]

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