I was all set to kick-off this review with an enlightened comment to the effect that Canadian women in sports these days means more than just figure skating. Then, wham, the first thing I find at Sportsfemmes is a tribute to Barbara-Ann Scott, the first Canadian woman to ever win an Olympic gold medal in figure skating. Well, that’s okay. Figure skating is big, after all. Check out this piece on women flocking to the game of golf. It begins with one woman’s lament that it’s so hard to shop for women’s golf clothing. Uh huh. And why does she think so many women are hitting the links nowadays? Because that’s where their husbands are. Ha ha. Yeah. The feature on Olympic rower Emma Robinson and her brush with thyroid cancer last year had potential, but it slighted both the medical drama and the athletic drama in favour of some stock “I just want to do my best” sports platitudes. And that’s about it for the current issue. I wanted to dip into the back issues to check if maybe this was just a slow month, but the archives were temporarily missing. Oh, and if you’re looking for scores or league standings or any kind of coverage of actual sporting events, you’d better bookmark TSN because you’re not going to find it here. Hell, I’m not even a sports fan and even I know that Canada’s female athletes deserve something with a lot more passion than this. (DW)

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