Lobster Figuero

Ever wondered about the role of the lobster in nineteenth and twentieth century art? No, neither have I. But damn! It’s there alright. Neruda was into the East Coast’s favourite critter, Lewis Carroll had Alice talk to one, and Dali made some wacked analogy between a lobster’s skin, a pig’s foot, a lamb-chop and spontaneity. Who knew? But the mack daddy of lobster lore was Gerard de Nerval. He was not only a big inspiration for the surrealist artists of the last century, but he was also the proud owner of a pet lobster, which he took for walks in the Palais Royal. Crazy. All this and more lobster zaniness in Lobster Figuero, where the surreal become so real. (MP)

zine, 10 pgs., Allen Salyer, $?, P.O. Box 1551, Royal Oak, MI, 48068-1551

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