A celebration of underwear. No, it’s not a fetish site. There aren’t even any pictures. Well, not many. Just a bunch of mostly women writing up their thoughts on underwear. Thongs: love ’em or hate ’em? How come Victoria’s Secret never has anything in a D cup? And, as a sop to us guys, the eternal question of boxers or briefs. Check out the no-holds-barred product reviews: “These bras aren’t little scraps of satin and lace, these are bras with a job, a duty, a sacred calling! These gals are your last line of defense from the horrors of sagging, for Christ’s sake! After all, Jane Russell relied on Playtex to protect her legendary fun-bags from the lecherous advances of the creepy Howard Hughes. Could you ask for a more ringing endorsement?” Check out the panty poetry: “I now wear my thongs with pride./Not a seam, not a line I must hide./VPLs are things of the past,/Tight pants are a blast!/Nowhere near my ass do they ride!” And if you’re still not convinced, check out the Boob of the Week, where these support supporters snicker up their sleeves at the barbarian bra-less. (DW)


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