“Where chicks get it” goes the tagline. Moxie is both a site unto itself and a hub for about a dozen other chick-type sites which share a common pool of ad banners. Reviews of some of the individual sites follow below, but there’s enough stuff to read at the umbrella site to warrant stopping by. The site hosts a collection of columns, profiles and newsbytes that are fairly short and fairly casual. Much of the content seems to be contributors for the member sites interviewing each other, so it’s also painfully polite. Why would the operators of the network’s two music sites trash each other at the portal gates? There’s a book column, an advice column and a woman-on-the-street interview section. The best bit was the news column, which pointed me to some new sites I hadn’t heard of before. Still, this site’s function is primarily to promote the other sites, and gripping content is sort of thin on the ground. (DW)

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