This site is completely frank, completely uninhibited, and totally devoted to the cause of better sex for women and their partners. It’s not at all like those “Having Better Sex” instructional videos you hear advertised. The philosophy seems to be that the more you talk about sex, the more comfortable you’ll be with it and the more you’ll enjoy it. A lot of the pieces are remembrances of liaisons past, like that of the woman who temporarily became a Mormon because she wanted the cute missionary to baptize her. There’s a collection of erotic stories. The advice column is simply awesome. Shopping for toys, videos or books? This site is a veritable Consumer Report. And, following a logical progression, there are personals. The site prides itself on being open to women of any sexuality, but there’s an undeniably lesbian lean to much of it. It’s not exclusive though. Want some? Go get it! (DW)

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