Canadian Content

This is more of a e-newspaper than an e-zine, with weekly updates that keep the content fresh. True to its name, much of the content is definitely Canadian in focus. However, some of the opinion pieces, such as ‘On The Anniversary of the Death of My Brother’, are much more universal. Poetry, opinion pieces, photographs, reviews and even an advice column indicate an effort to make this ezine interesting to most mainstream Canadians – perhaps ex-patriot Canadians, especially. The writing isn’t outstanding, but the pieces are solid. The internal links were good. It was easy to follow from the front page to specific pieces to archives—something that, as a relatively new comer to e-zines, I really appreciate. While browsing their archives, I found a picture of a B.C. street sign that struck me perhaps harder than it would others—Anarchist Place. The role of anarchists in Canadian history, from Tolstoi’s helping the Doukabors come to Canada, to the murder of anti-war labour activist Ginger Goodwin for resisting serving in WWI, to Emma Goldman’s death in Toronto, is often overlooked. It was great to see an unacknowledged reminder of our history. (BB)

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