Loud Paper

This is definitely one of the more inventive zines I’ve see in recent years. “Dedicated to increasing the volume of architectural discourse,” Loud Paper encompasses elements of architecture, design and culture, and features ads for Fugazi records. No surprise then, the thing comes from Berkeley, California. The price is a bit steep, but it’s worth every penny. From the simple faux-blueprint cover to the exquisite copy and editing, this zine is superior to most in nearly every respect, being at once intelligent, informative, opinionated and engaging. Sample topics that jumped off the pages of this issue include a neighbourly discourse about the modernist Daphne Funeral Home in San Francisco which is being junked for low cost housing, and a detail study of the translucent Dominus Winery facility complete with drawings. In addition to the architecture discourse, there’s also smartly written and opinionated book, art and music reviews. (DF)

zine, volume 3 issue 1, 52 pgs, $4.50, Mimi Zeiger, 1521 LeRoy Avenue, Berkeley, California 94708, USA, [email protected]

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