Mutant Renegade

This is the millennium issue of “the midwest’s leading cultural zine full of white trash attitude.” I’ve never seen an issue before, but read it cover-to-cover and loved it. Far as I can tell, it’s a mixture of music and humour, and sometimes a combination. Certainly, it’s not all gold — some of the jokes fall flat and some of the music coverage is tepid — but it succeeds far more than it fails. They even have their own t-shirts and symbol in the form of a glorious chicken-fish concoction that looks hilarious. Interviews with Sheila Chandra and Street Walkin’ Cheetahs, a walk through the murky Dayton S&M scene, and millennial predictions are all fairly entertaining, but my favorite article was a sincere tribute to Tommy Durden, the anonymous guy who wrote “Heartbreak Hotel,” one of the greatest songs in Rock ‘n’ Roll history. (DF)

zine, #13, 68 pgs, $4, PO Box 3445, Dayton, Ohio 45401 USA, [email protected]

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