Art Holes: Homebound Edition

Around the quarantine clock with three creators at work in isolation

Sid is an artist and illustrator from Toronto who makes comic zines. They are usually preoccupied with folklore, scary stories and finding good sticks for their stick collection. You can find them at or @sad_sharp on Instagram.


Zovi Weng is an independent illustrator from France. After spending a decade in China, where she founded the Shaving in the Dark collective and zine, she is now based in New York City.


Nazlı Cem is an artist originally from Istanbul, Turkey. After getting her degree in Sociology, she decided to pursue an art career and moved to the United States for her education. She works in many media including illustration, comics and animation, and is the creator of the mini zine series Some Weird Things. Cem currently lives in Washington, DC where she is a full-time motion designer.