‘The Red River Ramblers’ captures the rhythmic spirit of the First Nations peoples

The Red River Ramblers

Métis Fiddle Music, Independent, theredriverramblers.bandcamp.com

Only one of these tunes has “jig” in the title (the traditional “Red River Jig”), but it’s an apt descriptor for a number of them. When the forefront fiddle occasionally pauses its dance, it turns to weep- ing, its timbre alternating between jovial and mournful with ease — like moving from Fezziwig’s Christmas party to a wake. This is Métis fiddle music: “the rhythmic spirit of the First Nations peoples blended with Scottish and French fiddle,” in the band’s words. It does yearn for the addition of a bagpipe, at times. This is a lively debut — fit for admirers of folk and bluegrass ensembles.