A Soft Degrade

This is a stylish zine with a bitter self reflective interior like the inside of a seedy motel: “Kamloops. First motel I’ve stayed in alone. Am I supposed to call for a prostitute.” Poems and grainy black and white pictures. It’s about finding a way to live that isn’t everybody else’s way to live, though nobody here wants to end up alone in that motel room again. “My car does not define me. I will not talk to you about the weather. The homophobic talk in the lunchroom at work makes my tabouli taste worse. After this fork-full I will tell you why you suck.” A fine read with a nifty painted canvass cover. (Hal Niedzviecki)

zine, Chad and Mark, free, 63 Tayler Blvd SE, Medicine Hat, AB, T1B 4AS


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