Rain City Review

The inaugural edition of Rain City Review not only provides some excellent poetry by Vancouver writers, it also has a wonderful interview with Tim Lander, a shaggy haired poet who has been reading his works, and playing the penny whistle, on the streets of Van for eight years. “Every poet has gotta have a day job,” says Lander. There’s also a fascinating article, by Andrew Lithgow, entitled “Writers in Danger”, about the history of heresy and the prosecution of writers, and about the role played by PEN, the “international human rights group that assists writers in peri.l” Overall, Rain City is an impressive affair. I enjoyed it thoroughly, and look forward to future editions. (Shaun Smith)

litzine, volume 1, issue 1, Editorial Collective, $4.95, #9-2505 Fraser St., Vancouver, BC, V5T 3C3

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