Q for Treason

Reading this simple and earnest anarcho/vegan zine immediately made me ask: Oh, my Emma Goldman, why is every anarchist a vegan and an evangelical one at that? As an ex-vegetarian anarchist, I recoil immediately at the messianic nature of those involved. It is often arduous to attain and maintain the purity level demanded and usually far stricter than most Christian sects that I have encountered. Personally, I think Emma would have put a lid on all the comrades talking about the contents of their last meal. My second question is why do all anarchists appear to believe that it all began with PUNK!? In this zine I saw some navel gazing and ‘tude about who is punker and pc-er than who. To be fair to Anna, she is soul searching and admits she still has a lot to explore. I suggest starting with something on Spain in 1936, where anarchists fought and died fighting fascism. One final note, and I can’t let this go, on the cover is a sketch of a bird holding a sign that says “Death to Humanity”. As I have been monitoring human rights in the Balkans, a place where attempts have been made to eradicate various humanities I find this cynicism (even if it is tongue in cheek) to be western and privileged. Hardly a position that an anarchist wants to be accused of having. (Jeffrey Mackie)

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