Banned Thoughts

In this issue of her zine, Diane Lum tells us about her adventures in the big apple. She discusses everything from the seedy graffiti tattooed Brooklyn to the inner workings of the Britney-hungry music industry. Her brief commentaries on US culture shocks and disappointments adds a certain comical flare. Pictures are interesting, though sometimes too personal to reach the audience. I would’ve like the first piece “The Glamour of Hard Life”, to expand on the creative descriptions of street art. The first piece seemed to change tone and go a little overboard with lines like “I have no desires to see the rich and famous–They can just afford more makeup, designer dresses, and personally tailored suits.” This tone carries over into the rest of the zine, taking some of the originality out of the work. Still worth checking out, especially for the “Pacific Rag” comics. (Audrey Gagnon)

zine, vol 3, #1, 16 pgs., Diane Lum, $3, Apt 11, 115- 23 Avenue S.W. Calgary, AB, T2S 0H9, Canada, [email protected]

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