This is a neat, Vancouver-centered urban magazine. The lay-out and general vibe are good, but it hasn’t found its footing yet, and doesn’t quite know what it wants to be. This is only the second issue, so there’s lots of room for it to grow. There are some good articles about cigarette companies, guys with eating disorders, and brain drain to the United States. The interviews with filmmakers Mina Shum and Lynne Stopkewich were well done. The article about uses for urine definitely intrigued me, but I am still not convinced that drinking piss would be good for me. The vibrator reviews and advocacy are enjoyable. The fashion spreads are so-so. It’s worth flipping through a copy of this magazine in the future to see what happens with it. They’re looking for regional correspondents, so writer-types might want to apply. (Alexis Keinlen)

magazine, spring 2001, 68 pages, $3.50, 305-228 E. 4th Ave. Vancouver, BC. V5T 1G5


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