Sunburn Comics

This is great! In this issue, Sunburn’s black and white comic format goes international and silent, with artists from nine countries and practically no words at all. And you know what? You don’t even miss ’em! High points include Billy Mavreas’ delightfully cute and evil “Overlords of Glee”, Carrie McNinch’s woman with a broken heart, Nikola Vulovic’s chunky, jagged mean-spirited people and Eric Braun’s fetchingly stylized losers, millionaires and bank-robbers. It’s a pleasure to read, simply and elegantly put together. It comes with ‘zinehead’, a pullout zine of zine reviews, which in turn contains ‘Beyond Words 2.5’, a pullout zine with even more comics! Truly satisfying. More than $3 worth of satisfying. It’s a steal. You’re crazy if you don’t run out and get it right now. (Wendy Banks)

Comics anthology, #15, 38 pages plus two pullout sections, Karl Thomsen (editor), $3, PO Box 2061, Winnipeg, MB, R3C 3R4, Canada, Planet Earth, [email protected]

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