Searching for Elizabeth and Winged

These two titles contain the inner feelings and emotions that Caroline has put together. I really enjoyed them. They made the mass hysterical walls of consume and extract stop for just a brief minute. I want to know how to regain the beauty that she is searching for. I want to know how to see the world with such reverence. She gave me a chance to believe in the place that is good. Within each of us, is this vast chamber of neglect that needs physical and psychological stimulants to prod it into being. These collections of loose verse aren’t concerned with the pathological complaints of existence. A beatific scene derives from the eternal. A butterfly lifts its wings in order to gain flight. A poet loosens the pen. Caroline’s wings are her majesty. Her soul is in the air. Come ride along in a canoe, kayak or ancestral ship to that magic place that lies beyond the crest of fear and in the nook of acceptance. (T. Anders Carson)

zine, 16 pages, Caroline, by donation, Harvest Moon, Box 113, Errington, BC V0R 1V0

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