Bad Haircut

Bad Haircut is a fun little zine. Its four photocopied pages contain some photos of friends, some things people wrote at parties, a recipe and some more-thoughtful-than-average teenage ruminating. What really makes it worth the price of admission, though, is the section entitled “E-mails to the Rev”. Apparently, one of Morgan’s friends decided to name his email address after televangelist Benny Hinn, and the letters started rolling in. Six e-mails meant for Rev. Hinn are reproduced here. They range in tone from petulant to incoherent, revealing both religious ecstasy and the spiritually anguished. It feels kind of weird reading them – not only is it probably illegal, but it’s pretty definitely wrong – but boy, is it interesting. (Wendy Banks)

zine, #2, Morgan Wray, $1, 4257 Grange Rd., Victoria, BC, V8Z 4V9

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