Sue’s Views

Sue is suffering from fibromyalgia, a debilitating disease that restricts movement in some and belief in others. This zine is a journey. A self-effaced healing of one woman’s move across Canada. Throughout you can feel her pain. She has chosen a zine to deal with her visions. I felt almost like a bitten voyeur trying to swim through the tidal crests of hope and resignation. The move to the West Coast was a must. Hailing from Ottawa myself, it is no place to heal. ‘We need bandaids./We drink spring water, /Keep from striking other swimmers./Fight the waves. No fear of drowning. Just dive deep.” A hopeful collection of work. You can contact her for more info on fibro. (T. Anders Carson)

Poetry-zine, free, 24 pages, by Sue Ridler 310-6991 Victoria Dr, Vancouver, BC, V5P 3Y7, [email protected]

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