Women’s Activism

A mixed bag composed mainly of profiles of different women’s activist groups. Some articles are useless: presumably, if you’re reading a zine called Women’s Activism, you don’t need to read any of the articles defining what women’s activism is, or what zines are. Some articles are informative: there’s a brief history of reproductive rights and an interesting little profile of arts/activist group the Guerrilla Girls. A few are really useful: there’s a nicely illustrated 4-page spread on self-defense techniques, and a section with chants for radical cheerleading. Bonus points for the very funny poster at the back; demerits for succumbing to the urge to pay tribute to Ani freakin’ DiFranco–I mean, enough already. Sheesh. One thumb up. (Wendy Banks)

zine, 34 pgs, Sara B and Sarah R, $1 or trade, www.egroups.com/feministactivism

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