Seventeen Year Locust

Hmm. This zine contains the phrase “I think I have the tortured soul of a writer.” I’m not sure it’s a joke. However, that’s not entirely a bad thing. What we have here is somebody who really really wants to be a writer, and is trying hard, and gets visibly better at writing as she sticks to it over the course of the zine. Although much of the material in here seems to belong in a private journal, some of the fictional pieces aren’t bad. If nothing else, Seventeen Year Locust is interesting for the experience of watching a writer developing before your very eyes. If Sarah keeps trying, and stops writing about how much she wants to be a writer, and starts writing more about other things that she cares about, this zine might get to be quite interesting. (Wendy Banks)

zine, 26 pgs, Sarah, $1 or trade, 127 Oakside Road SW, Calgary, AB, T2V 4H6


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