Zine Review: Super Crappy Comix

ZINES_Super Crappy Comix (Cam Gordon)

Super Crappy Comix
Comic, Rebecca Roher, 16 pages, RebeccaRoherArt.blogspot.ca

Self-deprecation is a thing that sometimes exists in the zine world. It shouldn’t here; these comics are fun. Super Crappy Comix (SCC) was created by Rebecca Roher during the Toronto Library Comics Jam, a hackathon-ish type event where you’re hacking pencils and paper instead of code, I guess. SCC seems like it might speak most clearly to a high school audience. Subject matter includes field trips, Bar Mitzvahs, babysitting and art class. Nothing goes too in-depth which is totally fine because ultimately, this zine is about Rebecca herself (I think). She shares various micro-observations, preferences, fears and loves. Art is central here, as is her love for drawing. Everything is etched out quickly which gives an immediacy to the work, especially knowing that she was working “against the clock”. Luckily, unlike its title, SCC never puts itself down within its pages. Instead, it kinda celebrates or at least states some stuff with some drawings to back things up. That’s kinda it. (Cam Gordon)