Explore the chaos of a classic cut-and-paste zine in ‘The In-Appropriated Press #16’

The In-Appropriated Press #16

Zine, Olchar E. Lindsann, 22 pgs, monoclelash.wordpress.com, $3 or Trade


The chaos of a classic cut-and-paste zine can never really be beat. I love all styles of zines, but old school xerography is chock full of charm. This collab zine collects pieces from people in the underground Post-NeoAbsurdist community, the focus of mOnocle-Lash distro and micropress. It’s collaged chaos, glued together ideas, drawings and writing. It can almost be hard to know where to start, the use of rotating text and flipped images makes every section seem more disorienting.

Piecing through the words and art is a joy, a fun interactive scavenger hunt. A standout piece titled Bone Foam, by, William Repass includes images of people riding air mattresses down the river, a cheer in the name of fun and delight, summoning hot days and goofy adventures. There are so many wonderful moments in this zine that it’s hard to pick just a few to highlight. I know I’ll be flipping through this one again.