What free speech does or doesn’t mean in ‘PC Warrior Presents: Death of Free Speech’


PC Warrior Presents: Death of Free Speech

Comic zine, Jill ‘Zine Fiends’ Clair, [email protected], Trade

So-called “PC culture” and free speech are hot button issues these days. A lot of people go out of their way to offer their own hot take, however backwards, about how “politically correct” it is to be expected to not use slurs, and what free speech does or doesn’t mean. Whether it’s your annoying uncle who you see once a year or it’s that girl in your sociology class, it’s impossible to avoid the narrative that snowflakes are killing fun for everybody. Thankfully, Zine Fiends’ Jill Clair, from London, ON, has created the perfect zine to hand out when someone starts running their mouth this way.

Death of Free Speech is concise and clear. The art is crisp and the words are straightforward. It’s an easy breakdown of why the premise of “free speech” is not a free pass to say awful oppressive stuff free of any consequence. Despite your uncle’s insistence that “cancel culture” us “ruining people’s lives,” plenty of real-world examples are provided to show how paranoid this reading is. Clair’s zine is an excellent primer on getting the more stubborn people in our lives to start thinking about what they actually value in their media and whose voices we should prioritize as consumers.