‘Woven’ is a warm cup of familiar



Isabella Fassler, 48 pgs, isabellafassler.com

A little compilation of poems with a beautiful backdrop of illustrations that conjure emotion and whimsy. Isabella Fassler’s Woven is a warm cup of familiar as Fassler borrows work from many great poets to create, as she puts it, “A collection of different words, thoughts, and moments that bind and link us.”

The selection of poems throughout the book come from William Blake, Rumi, Emily Dickenson. All the chosen poems seem to carve a path guiding the reader to understand we are all more alike than different. All of this is set on top of vivid illustrations and collages put together by Fassler making this seem more like a book of art than a book of poetry, and there is nothing wrong with this. It adds another layer to the reader’s experience; it gives the eyes something to enjoy while the words stimulate the brain.

I would have liked to see Fassler add some of her own writing to this collection or more of an introduction to her thought process. Overall, I feel this is a great book for a beginner to the world of poetry as it does cover some of the greats. Hopefully we see more of Fassler’s illustrations without the need for words obstructing the charm.