“All in Your Head” addresses the lived experiences of chronic pain and a world of barriers

All in Your Head: Queerness, Neurodiversity and Disability Zine #7

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Anyone who is disabled, neurodivergent, and queer is in for an incredibly healing read with All in Your Head. The various contributors write from the vantage point of these identities on the theme of queer futures. They imagine where see them-selves going, what they wish to see in the future, and how they want to move forward individually and collectively. The reclamation of the self is a recurring focus, that key process of coming to terms with who you are if you’ve ever been affected by mental health or physical disabilities.

Chronic pain and a world of barriers can often feel like they are taking over your life. This zine addresses those fears, offers accounts of how folks have worked through that struggle and come out on the other side. I especially loved the piece “Upgrades”by Liz Moore about the possibilities of cyborg and robotic bodies. If you live with a disability, you are likely familiar with the desire for a different body — perhaps a mechanical body that does what yours can’t. Moore challenges this idea by saying that they want a “mech,” a suit they can enter with their present body instead of replacing what they have. It can be powerful to love the body that society says is a burden, to want to keep it, but also desire to move around with more ease on harder days.

There are also poetry, listicles, artwork, reviews, and more all wrapped into a fun cyberpunk looking package. There’s also a wonderful round-up of things people with disabilities would like to see in a truly accessible space, so take note anyone who is looking to make their space accessible! This heartwarming collection of thoughts, pieces and art by disabled, queer and mentally ill people will be relatable and validating for anyone who shares in any of these lived experiences.