Podcasting possible worlds

Podcast art by Eric Kostiuk Williams

Attention, science fiction writers! Maggie MacDonald wants you to pick up the mic.

With both the podcast boom and the sci-fi renaissance in full swing, she says the new podcast is a key tool for developing stories in the genre.

“Science fiction has always been a way of looking at what the world could be,” explains MacDonald, who belongs to The Multiversity Collective, a newly formed group of progressive sci-fi creators.

“It’s really idea first,” explains MacDonald, who created the acclaimed post-apocalyptic radio drama No One Receiving with Brainchild Podcasts. “With a sci-fi podcast, just like with a zine, you can get your idea out as quickly as you need to.”

DIY has always blurred the lines between process and product, author and audience. As part of the Multiversity’s residency at Oakwood Village Library in Toronto, MacDonald is offering a workshop not just on writing for radio, but also how to build an audience for your world and find collaborators.

So don’t wait! Join the chorus of sci-fi podcasters before the world ends for real.

Broken Pencil is pleased to co-present  the Create Your Own Sci-Fi Podcast with Maggie MacDonald on September 26th at 6pm at Oakwood Village Library. Participants will receive a free issue of the magazine.
Visit the Facebook page to learn more and listen to No One Receiving before you go!
The workshop is part of the Fall series Seeding Utopias & Resisting Dystopias with The Multiversity Collective. Other workshops include BIPOC Utopian Dreams with Zainab Amadahy and Whorestories: Sci-Fi Futures Edition, a sex-worker reading hosted by former BP columnist Al Donato.