“localz only #1” manages to find the perfect balance as a collage zine with a great sense of style and placement

localz only #1

Comic, juicemane71, 24 pgs, Small Sword Press/808 Dough Boyz, smallswordpress.com, $7

This is a Risograph zine consisting of “new collages” from the artist known only as juicemane71.

With collage zines, the biggest hurdle can come from finding that perfect balance between the images that are being mashed up. Too different, and it just becomes awkward. Too similar, and loses any impact. juiceman71 manages to find that balance, with the work in the zine striking an effective tone. The images in the zine are printed in red and black riso ink on grey paper, which I felt created a somewhat imposing vibe. One page consists of various figures from the Ultra franchise, with Ultraman and his derivatives posing under a giant “Juicy.” On other pages, hand drawn eyes— be that googly or anime — are placed over sculptures and busts. Enemies from Wonder Boy III hang out beneath a lizard or wave near a tank. There’s Krillin. There’s a hammer and sickle. There’s seemingly no reason to these collages, but there’s a great sense of style and placement nonetheless. The collages look good. The printing is very nice. It’s a cool zine with a great cover and great font treatments on the back. What more could you want?