“No Quarter #9” is perfect for anarchist history buffs and those alike

No Quarter #9

Zine, David Tighe, 42 pgs, [email protected]

Anarchist history buffs with a soft spot for occult idealism, here is your bat signal. This ninth issue of No Quarter is superdense with mystical grist for the anarchist mill. A contradiction in terms? Perhaps, but the God-that-doesn’t-exist works in mysterious ways. Articles, illustrations and reviews account for all the bulk of this issue. The most substantial piece, Joseph Jablonski’s “Millennial Soundings” on early American mystical feminism, is lifted from an earlier published book. Hewing toward the conventions of academic scholarship and prose, it’s a bit heady as zine fare, but I’m going to guess that any of you readers who are already hanging out at the intersection of anarchism and mysticism are ready for this. The editor’s own piece on the Doukhobors of Canada is another serious piece of work.

Unfortunately, I can’t comment on the merits of the scholarship, as I haven’t done the requisite coursework. But for those of you who have, and who have maybe moved on to writing your dissertation, the book recommendations and book and zine reviews that follow add up to about a third of the zine. So, when you finish No Quarter, you can keep reading. For years. Accompanying black and white illustrations and collages flesh out the occult vibe.

I’ll be honest, this is a bit niche for my tastes. But that’s zines for you: there’s one for everyone. Even history nerd anarchist mystics. Enjoy!